Poseidox can be applied to fresh water, salt water and wastewater to stimulate the oxygenation process, slow the proliferation of harmful, polluting microbes and return the aquatic environment to health.


The number of dead zones in our oceans, seas and lakes has quadrupled in size since 1950

Unchecked, this trend will result in the mass extinction of aquatic life

Microbes that proliferate in water with low oxygen levels produce nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than carbon dioxide

Oceans feed over 500 million people; our seas, lakes and rivers millions more


Poseidox increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in water, reversing the damage from climate change and pollution and eventually bringing ‘dead zones’ back to life. By stimulating the oxygenation process, Poseidox prompts vital microorganisms to accelerate their cleaning of polluted water. This increases biodiversity, encourages the growth of flora and fauna and restores the aquatic environment to health.


Poseidox has a critical role to play in improving the health of our planet’s water, reversing the growth of dead zones in the ocean and potentially averting the mass extinction of aquatic life. It is our planet’s most precious resource. The time for action is now.

The team

Meet the people behind the science:

  • Truls Eriksen

    Truls Eriksen
  • Terje Buer

    Terje Buer
  • Kjetil Ulving-Tufte

  • Sjur Velsvik

    Sjur Velsvik
  • Neil Chappell

    Neil Chappell
  • Aslak Digernes

    Aslak Digernes

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